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About Us

Who we are?

As a family, we are a couple of engineers who pulled together to accomplish multi-purpose assignments. Main objective of our corporation is make the best option of what is possible to be done. On that journey, all the tasks that had been achieved as our team makes us being proud. The reason for this manner is the experiences we've accumulated, foreign sales and all exports which done by our teammates.


Our Consideration

There are two main unavoidable requirements of our perspective. One of them is “Environment” and the other one is “Humanity”. In this context, primary purpose of both production processes of products and all stages of our production methods is always being tend to secure all nature.



As a Gidia brand, our product variety divided into three essential categories. These are baby carriers, non-slip sea and pool children's shoes, 100% cotton printed muslin blankets. All the products have their own or related various certifications about their process of manufacturing phases (Organic Cotton Certificate, Child Products Safety Standards etc.). In addition to all items and goods, which producing by Gidia, have been made in Turkey.


Our Brands

Mill Carrier

Mill Carrier produce ergonomic baby carriers, elastic baby carriers, ring sling baby carriers and woven wrap baby carriers. All baby carriers are made from 100% organic cotton. At the same time every kind of baby carriers facilitate anatomical development of the babies.


Gidia - Aqua Walks

Aqua Walks produce two type sea shoes. One kind is with wristband shoes, the other one is wristless shoes. Sea shoes are as pleasurable as they provide confidence. Due to non-slip silicone base, sea shoes prevent the children or babies from falling on wet floors. Besides, they are made from digitally printed micro-polyester fabric. They also have fast drying properties. They can be used safely at sea, in the pool, on the beach, on the boat, in hotels, nurseries, playgrounds, gyms and during swimming activities.


Gidia – Muslin Blanket/Pique

For users who want to avoid polyester and other synthetic materials as in quilt products, piques with 100% cotton content as an provide an alternative option.


Shipping Places

  • Whole Europe [EU countries and non-EU countries (up to the 2-15 days)]
  • Whole Russia (up to the 2-7 days)


Nowadays,  Due to free market conditions, where the products for children are not subjected to adequate testing, even institutions which do not have enough qualification to being manifacturer can become producers. Our goal as GidiaKids family is to bring consumers together with the right products with optimal prices. On the other hand, as a team we tend to make users aware of the use of qualitative products.